Luminous 100 Watt-Peak Solar Panel – Polycrystalline

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  • The module – sized self – supporting anodized aluminum frame is designed to allow easy mounting and carrying.
  • Enhanced efficiency.
  • Better and consistent output.
  • Aluminum stand provides resistance to corrosion,high speed wind and snow loads.
  • Enhanced stiffness and impact resistance.
  • Better module protection.


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Product Description

Maximum Power ( P max ) 100 Watts
Voltage at Maximum Power ( V mp) 18.00 Volts
Current at Maximum Power9 ( I mp) 5.56 Amperes
Open Circuit Voltage (V oc) 22.0 Volts
Short Circuit Current ( I sc) 6.06 A
Tolerance +/-  3 %
Maximum System Voltage 600 Volts
Specification are at STC 1000 W/met sqr Insolation AM1.5. Cell Temp 25 Deg Celcius
Type Poly-crystalline


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