If you are an authorized Wholesale Distributor or Dealer of Electrical and Electronics Appliances in your area, city, state or country you can become a Seller on this website as well.

What will be the benefit of Sellers ?

We have a dedicated team of marketing professionals in various parts of India and because of Our Online Marketing and branding activities our website is being visited by 1500 – 2000 visitors from various parts of India on daily basis. We are receiving plenty of queries and orders as well. If you will list your product on our website then it’s a great chance that you will start getting enquries and orders on your Online Shop too.

What are the charges to become a Seller on Electrical Bazaronweb ?

Becoming a seller on Electrical Bazaronweb is absolutely free of cost. We will charge you a nominal percentage of the total amount of transaction as our marketing only if an order is completed. You can list and promote as many products you want and that too without any charges.

You can be a part of Electrical Bazaronweb as long as You want to and You can opt-out any time.

Enjoy your stay on Electrical Bazaronweb and in case of any queries your can call our helpline number : +91-9454141494 .