September 2, 2015

How to Connect A Solar Panel to an Existing Inverter Circuit.

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Welcome to Blog. In this article I am going to discuss about connecting a Solar Panel to an Existing Inverter Circuit.

If you have normal power inverter already installed in your household circuitry and you want to :-

A. Make It Hybrid ( Solar + Electric Supply )

B. Make it Solar Power Driven Only,

then this articles will be useful for you.

Requirements ?

  1. A Solar Panel Or ( Combination of Solar Panels )
  2. A Solar Charge Controller ( PWM Type in this article )
  3. An Existing Inverter connected to battery and household supply.
  4. A Load ( AC )
  5. Connecting Wires

Now refer to this block diagram :-

solar panel circuit diagram

Step 1 –

Take a Solar Panel and connect two leads from the positive and negative terminal present at the back side.

Step 2 –

Connect the Positive and Negative Leads to the respective Input terminals of the charge controller.

Step 3 –

Connect the DC Output leads of the charge controller to respective terminals of battery . ( This batter is connected to the inverter )

If you want to make it hybrid , i.e you have an existing power supply then your power supply should be connected to your inverter. Whenever there’s sunlight, the battery will be charged from the Solar Power and Electric Supply.

If you want to make it Solar Power Driven only , i.e you dont have electric supply or you dont want to use it . Your circuit will appear as it is given in the diagram. The battery will be charged using Solar Power and this battery will supply DC voltage to Inverter which will invert it to run AC loads continuously.

In this article we have discussed a Simple Circuit of Single Solar Panel and Single Battery which is suitable for running loads upto 300 Watts. For heavy loads a combination of Solar Panels and Combination of Batteries can be used to achieve higher power output. This topic will be discussed in the later articles.

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    1. We can use surge protectors or lightning arrestors to protect our electrical and electronics equipment. Most important thing is to ground the equipment , this can be done using a conductor strip of copper or some high conductivity metal. Lightning follows the lowest resistance path.

  1. Is there any disadvantage in charging my battery with solar panel and electric supply at the same time. Pls am confused.

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