May 13, 2016 Solar Power

How Solar Power is used as Electrical Supply

Solar Power for Electricity | A Demonstration

In this video created by (our associate service ) We are demonstrating the use of solar power / sun light as a source of electrical power for our household loads. In this demo key elements are sun light, solar panel modules, solar inverter and solar battery. Solar panels usually do not generate electricity in night. When there is sunlight then the process of electrical energy generation takes place. Sun light falls on the surface of solar panels mounted on the rooftop and gets converted into electrical energy. This electrical energy is stored in the solar batteries (mostly lead-acid batteries) . Power from the battery is converted to Alternating Current (A.C) by means of Inverters. Inverters are connected to power supply mains of our house. Capacity of installed power-plant depends upon the power rating of load. Solar energy provides sufficient power to run heavy electrical loads.

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